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The Dos & Don’t s in Social Media.

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I use to live with my auntie because I have no other place to live by, my aunt is not a type of nagger but a disciplinarian, I was 10 years old at that time, she apply almost all the etiquette in her home, like etiquette before eating, while eating and after eating, at 6 PM you should be at home, sometime I say, how terrible because I couldn’t already do what I want to do, it’s always etiquette, don’t do that, this is what you should do, but even like that, I thankful because I learned a good etiquette from her that until now I have it that sometimes called by new generation as old customs. Talking the new generation, the social media like Facebook has an etiquette too, dos and don’t s that sometime we forgot, a reason why others didn’t accept our friend request, blocking us and unfriend us, there is a dos and don’t s in Facebook especially when you are using it in business, somethings you need to avoid and somethings you need to do to help you get on the right track of using social media effectively to help you increase traffic, and sales. I have one rule in Facebook, I will post whatever I want as long as it didn’t offend anybody, but sometimes I break this rule cause of people who didn’t think what they post. Anyway I wish this dos and don’t s will help us all in facing social media.

Dos & Don’t  s in Social Media like Facebook.

The Do's

Do Add Value Social media - Is another form of communication, that’s means you have to be interesting and add value in order to get through to your customers, fans, and potential business partners? Share something that will get them to fall in love with you. Your goal is to make people crave the content you share. When you offer value, you'll see people constantly checking in on you to see what you have to say today. Its right when you post something that they want you will see a lot of like in there and even shared.

Do Focus Where It Counts - Think about your audience and where they hang out online, monitor where your social traffic comes from and spend your time and resources there. No need to be present and active on all networks. Your most important and valuable networks are those that your audience is active on.

Do Be Authentic - Being authentic is the key to establishing an online business identity. Stay true to who you are and let that show online. See, you must use your true name and true picture.

Do Know Your Audience - Your social media strategy is only good if your audience response and relates to the content you share. If you want to connect with them you are going to have to know who they are like the back of your hand.

Do Build Relationships - By knowing your audience and making a step into learning about them they are going to feel wanted, respected and heard. These are all things humans need. If you can do it socially, you are going to see loyalty and word of mouth in your favor.

Do Have Something to Share - If you don't have something to share you are not going to succeed on social media.

Do Message Private Matters Instead Of Posting on Wall - Your friends might not take it too kindly when you post something that other must not know, something just between the two of you. Best to keep these conversations behind closed doors in Facebook Messaging.

Do Be Mindful Of What You Post - When you have hundreds of friends and acquaintances in Facebook, you have people from all kinds of backgrounds, all with different jobs, beliefs, personalities, etc. Updating your status with a general statement may seem harmless to you, but others may read it in a different light. Before you post anything, but just be mindful of it.

Do Call Rather Than Post Personal News - If you need to inform your friends or your family about some important and personal news don’t declare it out in the public domain. This means that all people can know what happened.

Do Reply To Comments Especially If They Are Questions - Acknowledge them, as you too post your status, and your friends make comments and ‘like’ it. Do it also, if you ignore them all the time, chances are that they won’t bother about your status anymore.

Do Avoid Posting Comments on Every Post - Don’t make it a habit to make some comment on everything your friends post or they’ll start to get suspicious. They will not believe that their status updates always appear on your news feed. Unless you are checking their wall always the worse is that your friend’s friends might notice as well, that you are a ‘regular’ commenter.

Do Be Careful Of Your Tone - Everyone has their own typing style. it’s easy for someone to recognize if  you are being sarcastic, happy or not or any matter, by your style of writing other says One way we can compensate for the lack of cues is to use emoticons after the sentences. When you smile the world will smile with you.

The Don’t s

Don‘t Be Selfish - Talking about yourselves only, if you post only about you or your business and ask people to do for you that is selfishness.

Don‘t Take Short Cuts - Don’t trick people into thinking you are well-liked and popular so, they will like you too, result not come in a second, you have to take times.

Don‘t Steal Images - Stealing is prohibited, like plagiarism in blogging unless you recognized the source, Use your own images or invest in something like stock images.

Don‘t Be A Ghost - Don’t do social media automation, Social media doesn't sleep, and either should you.

Don‘t Expect the World to give you, while you don’t Give - You have to give to get. Give your audience value and other things they want.

Don‘t Be Afraid Of Haters - Haters are going to be out there. There is nothing you can do about it. Speak them politely

Don‘t Make Friend Requests to Strangers - It’s very simple we don’t know them, But if you wish to add someone for some valid reason like to increase your Facebook numbers of friend it’s up to you

Don‘t Tag Your Friends In ‘Unglam’ (awfully) Shots - What we need to take from this rule is to be sensitive of who you might be tagging in photos, especially those shots which are obviously awfully taken.

Don‘t Over share yourself - Spice up your status updates a little. Instead of telling your friends you’re every minutes updates, share something interesting about yourself. It’s annoying to posts about what he’s doing every ten minutes because no one is really interested in their friends’ every hour activities, the result is, you decide to hide their activities.

Don‘t Vent about Your Work - Facebook is a double-edged sword, the risk is that what you post can reach people you wouldn’t want it to reach, and your co-workers and boss are the last people you want to mess with. So, just play safe and keep it private.

Don‘t Post Chain Status Updates - Like change e-mail the you send to your entire friend, Facebook has a similar kind of chain, but usually for a good cause. Someone first post a status update about a social cause, encouraging those who read it to post the status too, so that their friends will get to read it and post it as well. The intention is good but when you see your status full of that post it get annoyed.

Don‘t Flame Others - Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion on the free internet, so there’s no need to put anyone down just because you disagree you criticized him (or worse, don’t like the person). Its embarrassing not only to yourself, but to your friend as well. In the spirit of good conversations, let’s keep this in mind in whatever communication we have online, in Facebook, forums, emails, etc. Don’t ruin it for everyone. If you really concerned send him a private messages.

We should be careful in using Social Media, let take it for fun, let’s be sensitive to others, and restrict our self with rule and regulation. Respect the fact that each one of us forms part of the Social Media experience of everyone else.

Reference: Facebook Etiquette Dos and Don't s in Social Media

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